Seventh Haven

Seventh Haven is a European Final Fantasy XIV Community for everything RP and other player created content.

About Seventh Haven

SEVENTH HAVEN is a European Discord community for roleplayers and those who are interested in that scene!
Any level of experience and roleplaying style and activity are welcome!
We also offer a unique mentorship program based around everything from general RP to club staff RP and even RP lore (for those interested in it)!
In addition to server oriented workshops we also offer monthly in game workshops where we cover specific topics for you to learn and discuss among others and our mentors.
These workshops are filled to the brim with information about these topics, possibilities to share your own experiences and exercises to practice certain situations!
Our lovely mentor team will try their very best to help you with any questions you may have and any hardships you might face when trying to set foot in this unique and colorful RP scene.
Seventh Haven collaborates with clubs, taverns etc. to provide you with further RP, clubbing and art events on a monthly basis so there will always be something for you to look forward to on the server!We have also created tons of ways for people to advertise your craft and skills (art, photography etc) and other player created content.Join the Haven and help grow this amazing community!


On this page we'll upload all kinds of things for you to download. You'll be able to find character sheet templates etc on here!
To get to the files just click one of the buttons below!